Welcome to Back To Life Hi Fi Repairs.

We specialise in the repair of vintage audio equipment, from Cassette Decks to Turntables and CD Players etc.

Our mission is to stop vintage HiFi equipment ending up in a landfill, we believe in "Where There's Life There's Hope".

Our 2 engineers, Sally & Richard, have many years experience of repairing HiFi equipment that would otherwise have ended up in the great HiFi heaven In The Sky.

If you have a piece of HiFi equipment that you would like repaired, why not give us a call.

If you are going to throw away a piece of HiFi equipment, why not let us have it, and we will attempt to repair it.
We have now moved into a new workshop based in Fareham, Hampshire, please see the "about us" page for more information, including our contact details.